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Opening Doors in Our Communities

First Security has made many changes over time, but one constant through the years is the maximum effort given to raise the level of service offered to customers. The result transcends the traditional banking experience, becoming more focused on meeting the changing needs of the customer.

Expert staff

Even as we expand our financial strength and service area, we continue to grow the number and range of experts dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals. Whether it’s your first time connecting with a bank, a member of a growing family, a business owner or retiree, we provide customized services to meet your specific needs.

Our financial experts communicate everything in an easy-to-understand and friendly manner, no matter if you’re a financial novice or an old pro.

Tools and technology

As technology advances, we do too. We strive to provide our clients with banking solutions that are faster, easier and more accessible to all. In fact, we are extremely proud of our progressive products, mobile banking solutions, ITMs and updated offices that allow us to provide the best, most efficient service to North Central Iowa.

Our Goal

Within our 120 years in the Charles City community, our goal is and has always been to provide expert and progressive financial services backed by outstanding and personalized customer service. Since our inception, we have experienced many changes, including recently expanding to further support families, individuals and businesses throughout the North Central Iowa region. All the while, our values have remained the same.

Simply put, banking with First Security provides you with a best-of-both-worlds scenario. We stay abreast of any cutting-edge service that a megabank could offer you, while also providing the expert, personalized customer service that they can’t.

Our history

We’ve made many changes over the past 120 years, but the one constant is the maximum effort given to raise the level of service offered to our customers. After all, we realize we wouldn’t be here without customers like you.

Show timeline

Present: The combined First Security Bank & Trust organization has total assets of nearly $600 million with locations in 10 North Central Iowa communities. All the while, our goal has remained the same.

2024: Former President and CEO Kurt Herbrechtsmeyer is elected Chairman of the Board and former Chief Financial Officer Brad Miller is promoted to President and CEO. Brad also joins the bank's Board of Directors.

2023: First Security celebrates 120 years of service. 

2022: First Security launched a newly-redesigned and more secure website: www.1stsecurity.bank.

2022: In December, First Security closed its Aredale, Marble Rock, and Rudd offices.

2019: The Manly location moved to a newly-built facility at the corner of Highways 9 and 65.

2016: In December, First Security closed its Meservey and Swaledale offices.

2016: Mobile Wallet technology was rolled out to First Security customers, allowing them a contactless and more convenient way to pay. Technology allowing customers to control debit card access was also introduced.

2015: In June, First Security installed the first Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) in Charles City. Additional ITMs were added in Hampton, Manly, Nora SpringsRiceville, Rockford, Rockwell, and Thornton before the year end. This innovative technology allowed us to expand teller service hours.

2015: Cedar Valley Bankshares, Ltd announced that Hampton State Bank would join First Security Bank & Trust to create a single bank to better serve its customers across North Iowa. After December 4, 2015 both banks would do business under the name First Security Bank & Trust.

2012: Customers could begin depositing checks using their phone's camera through mobile deposit.

2009: First Security Bank & Trust merged with First State Bank of Nora Springs and First State Bank of Riceville, all members of the bank’s holding company. This merger expanded our branch radius to include Floyd, Howard, Chickasaw, Butler, Worth, Cerro Gordo, and Mitchell Counties.

2007: Kurt Herbrechtsmeyer was elected bank president, following J.R. (Dick) Herbrechtsmeyer who served as the bank's president since 1994. By this time, the still locally owned and independent First Security Bank & Trust served a large portion of North Iowa with branches in Charles City, Aredale, Dumont, Ionia, Marble Rock, and Rockford.

2007: First Security was an early adopter of smartphone technology by unveiling a mobile baking app.

2006: Deposit accounts became more rewarding, as First Security rolled out reward checking for the first time.

2004: The first drive-up ATM is unveiled.

2003: First Security celebrated a century of service.

2001: First Security added a location in Dumont.

1999: First Security entered the digital age by launching www.1stsecuritybank.com (since converted to www.1stsecurity.bank).

1998: Better BEE Saving Club, a children's savings account, was initiated. The club's mascot, Better BEE, celebrates its birthday on October 16th.

1998: First Security customers could begin using the information superhighway to access their accounts through online banking.

1997: First Security expanded its convenience features through telephone banking (then known as Connect Direct).

1995: Debit cards are first issued for First Security deposit accounts.

1993: First Security expanded its wealth management offerings by offering full-service investments through a broker dealer relationship. 

1988: First Security extended service into Butler County by setting up a location in Aredale. This location was opened after First Security purchased the assets of the failed Aredale State Bank.

1987: First Security expanded into Rockford after purchasing First State Bank, which was declared insolvent and closed by state regulators on March 4. 

1982: First Security Bank and Trust was sold to Cedar Valley Bankshares, Inc., a bank holding company controlled by essentially the same group of owners of First Security.

1972: Operations officially began at 809 Clark Street on March 31.

1971: Ground was broken on the bank's current headquarters at 809 Clark Street on March 3.

1968: On Wednesday, May 15, a tornado struck Charles City and scattered many important bank records throughout the community. One note was discovered near Red Wing, Minnesota. The bank re-opened soon after the tornado with employees working by candlelight and lantern, but this would eventually result in a relocation to 809 Clark Street.

1958: First Security extended service into Chickasaw County with the acquisition of its Ionia branch through a sale of the then-Ionia Savings Bank.

1940: The bank’s ownership passed hands from Ellis and Ellis to Ralph Zastrow, E.L. (Jim) Wallaser, W.A. Herbrechtsmeyer and Merten J. Klaus. This ownership is currently maintained by their heirs, who are actively involved in bank management, board membership, and holding company representation.

1935: First Security officially acquired its first branch office in Marble Rock in the former Farmers Trust and Savings Bank building. At the time, Marble Rock was without a bank.

1933: First Security cooperated with Great Depression emergency proclamations ordering the temporary closure of all banks in March. First Security survived this time when many others did not. The number of banks declined from approximately 26,000 in 1929 to only 15,000 after the "bank holiday."

1929: Security Trust and Savings Bank and the First National Bank of Charles City consolidated to form First Security Bank & Trust on September 30. It was the largest bank in the Charles City area. The stock market crash that led to the Great Depression would begin less than a month after the merger.

July 14, 1903: The Security Trust and Savings Bank first opened its doors for business in the Ellis Block in Charles City, Iowa. With capital stock of just $50,000 and deposits of $25,449 (total assets: $75,449.44), we certainly had humble beginnings.

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