Apple Pay

Digital Wallets

A digital wallet for Apple devices

Use Apple Pay and your First Security Visa® debit card to pay the easy, secure, and private way at hundreds of thousands of stores and participating apps.

Apple Pay transactions are authorized with Touch ID® thumbprint security or your passcode. Transactions never use your credit card number. Apple Pay is accepted at many places you may already shop, such as grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and more — and the number of participating merchants is growing!

Set up is a snap

Get started by linking your First Security Visa® debit card to a compatible Apple device, including iPhone® SE, iPhone® 6, Apple Watch®, iPad Pro®, iPad Air®2, iPad mini™3 and later models.

Apple Pay FAQ

What do I need to use Apple Pay?

You need a supported card from a participating bank, an Apple® ID signed into iCloud® and one of these devices:

  • iPhone® SE, iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus, and later (in stores and within apps)
  • iPad Pro®, iPad Air® 2, iPad mini™ 3, and later (within apps)
  • Apple Watch® paired with your iPhone® (in stores)
  • The latest version of iOS or watchOS

How do I set up Apple Pay?

For iPhone® or iPad®:

You can start using Apple Pay as soon as you add your first credit or debit card to Wallet.

To add a credit or debit card on your iPhone, open Wallet and tap in the upper-right corner.

To add a credit or debit card on iPad, go to “Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay,” tap “Add Credit or Debit Card” and then follow the same steps for iPhone above.

For Apple Watch:

To add a credit or debit card on Apple Watch, open the Watch app on iPhone® and tap “Wallet & Apple Pay.” If you already added a card to your paired iPhone, you can add it to your Apple Watch by tapping “Add” next to the card, then entering your card security code. Or you can tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.” Your bank will decide whether to approve adding your card to Apple Pay. They might ask you to provide more information to complete the verification process.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is safer than using a traditional credit or debit card. Every transaction on your iPhone or iPad requires you to authenticate with Touch ID or your passcode. Your Apple Watch is protected by the passcode that only you know, and your passcode is required every time you put on your Apple Watch. Your card number and identity aren’t shared with the merchant, and your actual card numbers aren’t stored on your device or on Apple servers.

How does Apple Pay keep my information private?

When you pay in stores, neither Apple® nor your device sends your actual credit or debit card numbers to merchants. When you pay in apps, the merchant will only receive information like name, email address, and billing and shipping addresses you authorize to share to fulfill your order. Apple Pay retains anonymous transaction information such as approximate purchase amount. This information can’t be tied back to you and never includes what you’re buying. Apps that use Apple Pay must have a privacy policy that you can view, which governs the use of your data.

Is Apple Pay free?

Yes. Be aware that message and data rates may apply, depending on your data plan.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

In stores, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone® or Apple Watch® at more than a million stores and restaurants whose payment terminals are set up to accept contactless payments. Within participating merchant apps, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad®.

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