Contactless Debit Cards Are Here!

Checking out just got easier and safer.

First Security now offers the latest in contactless debit card technology, making every transaction easier and safer. Soon, all First Security debit cards will be replaced with contactless debit cards. However, if you'd like yours sooner, send us a message and we'll be in touch within 5 business days!**

**Please do not include any personal identifying or confidential information such as account numbers or Social Security numbers.

How do I use a contactless debit card?

Follow these three simple steps and you're on your way. 

  1. Locate the contactless symbol anywhere you shop. It looks like a sideways Wi-Fi symbol (see image at the top of this blog article).
  2. Hover your contactless debit card over the payment terminal.
  3. Your payment is completed in seconds.

Why would I want a contactless debit card?

More Convenient

The payment process is faster from start to finish. Just hold your card to the reader and you're done! Your new card's number will even be the same as your old one.

Less Wear and Tear

By not inserting or swiping your card it won’t encounter the dirt, grime, and other debris found in a card reader. Additionally, your hands will avoid germ-y checkout terminals!

Faster Transactions

Contactless transactions are faster than any other payment method. That checkout line moves much faster when each customer doesn't have to insert a chip or swipe a card.

Fraud Prevention

Potentially most important of all, contactless payments come with advanced security making it harder for the fraudsters to get your information. 

How are contactless cards safer?

Each time a contactless card is used, an individual code is used for that transaction. Other personal identification information is not transmitted. This makes it very difficult for someone to fraudulently complete a contactless payment without that additional information or physically having your card in hand. This method of payment also allows customers to completely avoid "dipping" or swiping their card into a terminal that a scammer could have replaced with a skimming device.

If you have more questions or would like to request your contactless card in advance, please fill out the above form or contact us at 1.800.272.0159.

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