First Security Foundation Announces $10k Contribution to Mitchell County Regional Health Center Construction

Living rurally has many perks: more room, closer to nature, smaller and more tight-knit communities, better quality air and food, and generally, less stress. Though these are the advantages of living rurally, some disadvantages are just as prominent. The isolation can also cause challenges in accessing healthcare. 

Luckily, Riceville residents have access to the Mitchell County Regional Health Center. However, the center operates in a 1000-square-foot-space, and that limited space has caused a variety of difficulties for healthcare staff and residents. For example, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mitchell County Regional Health Center was required to close for three months as social distancing was not possible due to the building’s close quarters.

Without the Mitchell County Regional Health Center, the nearest clinic for Riceville residents is at least a 30-minute drive away. Without easy access to public transportation, the distance makes it nearly impossible for some rural residents to get basic healthcare, like vaccinations or mental health support. Mitchell County residents needed an upgrade to their healthcare, and the Mitchell County Memorial Foundation is working to make it happen.

Beth Hobson, a Riceville native and First Security employee, gives her thoughts on the new clinic: “The Riceville Clinic has been providing convenient and exceptional local service for Riceville and the surrounding areas for many years. The idea of our tiny clinic getting a larger, more updated space is an exciting one to say the least.  I know that many residents, including myself, rely on not having to leave town to get the medical attention they need. Having a facility that can accommodate more patients and provide pharmaceutical services will make an already great service even better.”  

The new Riceville Clinic will be a 3,000-square-foot clinic, tripling the clinic’s space and addressing the above issues and more. After the recent closing of a privately-owned Riceville pharmacy, a tele-pharmacy will replace it in the Riceville Clinic.

The current timeline has the completion of the Riceville Clinic set for December 2024. The total cost for this project is $1.6 million, with support coming from a combination of grant money, individual and corporate contributions, and cash from the Mitchell County Regional Health Center. The First Security Foundation is among one of those donors, having pledged $10,000 to the building.

Once the Riceville Clinic is finished, Mitchell County residents will have easier access to healthcare, which, in turn, will benefit the entire county. The First Security Foundation is proud to be a part of the building of the Riceville Clinic.

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