Safety. Soundness. First Security.

About Us

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Our 120 year history is a testament to First Security being a safe place to conduct business. We have bounced back from multiple local, national, and worldwide events - whether it was the Great Depression or a hundred-year flood.

During these moments of crisis, customers understandably have more questions about how their funds are protected. 

Strong Capital Position

Our strong capital position means we have an excess of the funds used to support the bank as we make loans and investments in our community. Our bank is managed conservatively and is considered "Well Capitalized" by the agencies that regulate us.

Multiple Funding Sources

Funding is critical to the bank as it allows us to pay our depositors, fund loans to our borrowers, and provides an additional safety net. While we rely on depositors for funding, we also have access to many other sources like the Federal Home Loan Bank and the Federal Reserve. We manage this funding daily to ensure we protect our customers, the community, as well as the bank. Our funding level exceeds regulatory expectations.

FDIC Insurance

Each depositor is insured up to $250,000.00 and no depositor in the history of the FDIC has lost a cent of insured deposits. There are also ways to increase coverage beyond that amount. Our staff can help you learn how to do that .

Understanding Deposit Insurance

Local Roots

Our shareholders have roots in our community and are here to support it. To that point, the majority of our loans and investments are made in the immediate region. These loans support small businesses, livelihoods, provide for the purchase of homes, farms, and the things that our neighbors need to live rich, vibrant lives and make our local economy prosper. For us to continue to serve our community in this way, we must manage the bank in a conservative and responsible manner. We have done this for 120 years and will for generations to come.

Still have questions? We we strive to treat each customer with empathy and respect. It is our goal during every day moments or during periods of volatility with customers that are new to finance or are old pros. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1.800.272.0159 and we'll be happy to connect you with the an employee with the expertise to answer your questions.

Safety. Soundness. First Security.

Safety. Soundness. First Security.For 120 years.

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