To All Area Farmers: Thank You

The days are getting shorter, so you go out past nightfall. Weather, insects, and weeds try to block your work, so you find new ways to fight back. Much of the world remains locked down, so you recommit to providing an essential service. To you, the mission is simple: keep going no matter the hurdles. To us, it’s a matter of standing back to marvel at your work ethic and perseverance. This harvest season is taking place in a year in which much has changed, but you are a constant we can rely on.

We at First Security ask all Iowans to join us in thanking you, our local ag producers, for the work you do to bring in the harvest this and every year. The pandemic has created some unique challenges this year, but those challenges aren’t limited to the pandemic. Snow squalls in October? A once-in-a-generation derecho? We wonder what 2020 will have in store next, but we know no matter the challenge, you’ll find a way to get the job done.

At First Security, we’re known for saying we’re “your ag partner for generations to come.” Through that partnership, we see the unique challenges you’re facing, and we work to find unique solutions. We invite you to visit us virtually or in person to let us know how you’re doing, what you’re seeing, and how we can help.


First Security Bank & Trust Ag & Commercial Lending Team

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