Video Banking: Go Beyond Banker's Hours!

For 120 years, First Security has embraced new ideas and approaches to doing business. One unconventional way of doing business, at least in terms of “banker’s hours,” is First Security’s expanded hours of service. Even in 1903 when First Security first opened its doors for business in Charles City, the Charles City Press wrote “one innovation on the part of the new bank is worthy of commendation, following as it does the established practice of savings banks in large cities – we speak of the opening of the bank on Saturday evenings for savings deposits.”

Since then, First Security has adopted many innovative technologies as a form of addressing customers’ challenges and needs. Whether it was telephone banking decades ago or mobile deposit in 2012, every decision has a goal of increasing the level of convenience and service for customers.

In 2015, a major change for First Security employees and their customers was the implementation of ITMs, otherwise known as Video Banking. This was a major change because First Security was the first bank in North Iowa to use the technology. Just like in 1903, the bank was providing big city technology but in towns ranging in population of 400 people to just over 7,000. Instead of traditional banking hours of something like 9am – 5pm or even 9am – 12pm in smaller towns, First Security was and still is open longer than any other bank in the area. Because of Video Banking, First Security’s drive up is open from 7am – 6pm Monday – Friday and from 8am – 1pm on Saturdays in Charles City, Hampton, Manly, Nora Springs, Riceville, Rockford, Rockwell, and Thornton.

Other perks of Video Banking include:

  • Average wait time for help is 30 seconds or less.
  • Average time to complete a transaction is under 2 minutes.
  • No debit card is needed.
  • Transactions are paperless. No withdrawal or deposit slips are necessary.

On the other hand, a perk of working at First Security is a family-friendly work schedule. Because of Video Banking, fewer staff are required to work evenings and weekends. However, if employees want those hours, they are welcome to them after some training in Video Banking – whether they’re a Teller or an Accountant and whether they are based at our Rockwell branch or our headquarters in Charles City.

The ITMs also function as a simple 24/7 ATM; however, with a tap of the screen, a local banker is available to help with a large variety of transactions that have traditionally been done at drive-windows or the lobby Teller line:

  • Deposits of cash or stacks of checks
  • Withdrawals and cashing of checks up to $2,000
  • Loan payments
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Balance updates
  • Currency exchanges – 50’s, 20’s, 5’s, and 1’s
  • Checkbook orders
  • Safe deposit payments

Now in 2024, the technology is being introduced at other local banks. However, it’s old news at First Security. The bank has been at it for nearly a decade and has streamlined the service for customers in the years it’s been in use. In fact, 6 out of 8 First Security Video Banking locations have had the service as their only form of drive-up service, and customers love it.

The remaining two First Security locations with drive-up windows, Charles City and Hampton, are now following suit. The bank is always excited to enhance and invest in customers’ banking experience, and this change reflects just that. The state-of-the-art technology only requires a simple tap of the screen to be connected with a friendly local banker. However, the bank also understands the process comes with some questions and uncertainties for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. For those wanting extra guidance as the bank promotes usage of the technology, dedicated staff in Charles City and Hampton will be available outside in the drive-up to provide extra support. They can’t wait to welcome customers and make the experience seamless and enjoyable!

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