Protecting your good name

Your identity is your most valuable asset, which is why First Security is proud to provide you and your family members with identity protection services — at no additional cost.

Powered by Cyberscout®, America’s premier provider of identity services, you’ll always receive the identity theft protection you and your family need.

Cyberscout’s features include:

  • Unlimited identity theft protection and resolution
  • Free to all First Security account holders*
  • No claim to file
  • One-on-one service with experienced fraud specialists
  • Toll-free number available anytime: 800-272-0159 or 877-432-7463 after hours
  • Preventative help for peace of mind
  • Identification and document recovery

No matter your stage of life, our personal fraud specialists will guide you through the proactive and resolution process — no matter what your identity issue is — until your problem is fully resolved.

Free for our account holders

As a First Security account holder, you have free, one-on-one access to highly trained and experienced fraud specialists.

Simply call First Security at 800-272-0159, and we’ll immediately transfer you to an on-demand fraud specialist at Cyberscout to give you the help you need. Outside of banking hours, you can call Cyberscout at 877-432-7463 to speak directly to a fraud specialist.

Our Cyberscout website is filled with consumer tips, valuable info, resolution procedures and more.

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